Disclaimer/Warm up:

Good mornings, inchworms, cherry pickers, windmills, arm circles/phelps

Using my age and birth year  skip  / walk  / skip around pickle 

51 sec skip / 19 sec walk / 71 sec skip


The Thang:

Dora, but you spell out BOMBS 

Partner up: Partner 1 starts exercise, while Partner 2 runs to end of parking lot and back, picks up the count where Partner 1 left off, while Partner 1 runs

50 Burpees

100 Overhead Press

150 Merkins (push ups)

200 Big Girl Sit Ups

250 Squats 



Standing Ab work

20 seconds on 5 seconds rest. Rinse and repeat

Weighted Hillbillies

Side to side bends

Wood chops L

Wood chops R

Overhead pendulum

COT: Last day of being 50.  Do something today that your 50 year old self will thank you for.