Warm Up

The Thang:

We used the parking lot near the Ropes Course.  Designated 4 Corners.  Ran to each corner to do 5 Burpees.  Next lap around we stopped at each corner to do 10 push ups.  Next lap, we stopped at each corner to do 15 star jumps.  Next lap, we stopped at each corner to do 20 Mountain Climbers (hard count).

Broke up into 2 teams of 5.  Each team had medicine ball weighing 8 lbs.  At the start line, the ball is passed overhead and then next person passes between the legs.  So an over and then under pattern.  When the person at the end gets the ball, they run (with the ball) to the front of the line to start it all over.  The line will travel down to the corners (about 8 parking spaces).  After that drill, we lined up the same way but got in plank position.  Passed the ball down the line, underneath the Pax.  Person at the end will pick up the ball and run to the front of the line, get in plank position and start the process all over again.

Go back to our four corners.

5 Jump Squats

10 Pylo Lunges

15 Triceps Dips

20 Jumping jacks


We did the medicine ball drill again.  1- Plank

2- standing in line and passing the ball to the side (so you are working your obliques)


We were starting to get more traffic in the lot so instead of 4 Corners, we had to run down to the cone to do the 5-10-15-20 exercises and then run back to start to do 5-10-15-20.

5- 180 degrees jump turn

10-Calf Raises

15- Imperial Walkers

20- Jabs

All Pax in circle on their mats in plank position.  One person will get up and do 5 Star jumps and then run around the circle to their spot and then the next person goes, until everyone has gone.  Next round, we did with medicine ball.  Hold boat pose as we pass the ball around R then L.