Happy 4th FiAversery to FiA Carpex!  It was wonderful to see such a large group show up to celebrate – about 21 for the workout and 4 more for post workout festivities!  For today’s workout, I asked Peachtree to send me one of her backblasts from the infancy of FiA Carpex.  I modified it a bit and this is what we did!        ( Barkley was also there – not in list yet!)


JJ ( 20 IC), Good Mornings ( 10 IC), Imperial Walkers ( 10 IC) , 10 arms circles forward and back , phelps, quad stretches

The Thang:

Slow jog to the main drag  in Bond Park  for Paula Abduls.   Run forward 2 light posts- do 4 Burpees.  Backwards jog 1 light post- do 4 Plank Jacks.  Continue until we get to the end of the road.

Well this fell apart.  I have never seen so many cars in Bond Park in the 4 years of Fia, So we ended up stopping at 2 iterations of this  and took a detour down the hill to the big field.


  • 100 tricep pushups
  • 200 180 degree jump squats
  • 300 flutter kicks (HC)

Lunge walk towards kiosk to catch our breath then jog over to the Amphitheater. 4 exercises for count of 10. Run lap in amphitheater.. Continue with 20 and then 30.

  • Left step ups
  • Right Step ups
  • Push off Push ups
  • Triceps Dips

Called an audible after 20…. Boy , its is really hot out there.

Jog over to the hill for Follow the Yellow Brick Road. PAX lines up on yellow line facing up the hill.  HOLD SQUAT.  Fia on bottom of hill weaves through the PAX running up the hill..  Continue until top of hill or all PAX have run..  Now you can stand!

Jog back to parking lot for 4 minute plank.  Hold each plank for 30 seconds.

  1. elbow plank
  2. left side plank
  3. right side plank
  4. Brooke Burkes
  5. Straight Arm Plank
  6. Slow Mountain Climbers
  7. Opposite hand to opposite foot
  8. Tap right and left

Ended with a bunch of stretches –  Childs Pose, puppy dog, Down dog, Worlds Greatest Stretch


Picture and then our Pot Luck Breakfast. Thanks you to everyone who came out today. It was a great time!   Loved getting to hang out with everyone afterwards and chatting.

Announcements:  Crisco has taken over Regional Q from MaryLou.  Thanks you MaryLou for all you have done this past year!  SUP and VanGogh are stepping down from the leadership group..  Thank you both too!     Welcome Phelps as our Social director! Hopefully COVID doesn’t put a damper on this!