Started off the muggy morning with some good mornings, windmills, toy soldiers and jumping jacks.   Then we got started with the workout – 4 corners around the loop (so not corners, but ya know close enough).  Loop around the toes to begin for 20 marches, then moved the band around the knees for lateral walk to the next stop, 20 smurf jacks.  Monster walk to 20 single leg RDLs and lateral walk to 20 bridge clams, monster walks back to the start.  Then we started 4 corners again with our straight bands, 20 bent over rows, 20 pull across chest, 20 external rotation (elbows by sides), 20 standing side crunch with lunge walks between all.  Started back at the top and did both rounds again (subbing the lunge walks with a jog for times sake).  Then we each grabbed our mats, straight bands and a pole for 2 sets of 20 of each prone rows and lat pull downs.  Time was up after that!  Thanks for coming this morning!