Started with the disclaimer and a walking warm up; knee to chest, standing glute stretch, walking inchworms, runners stretch, lunge twist, skips, side shuffle, and butt kickers.  Then we started our first of 3 rounds of 4 corners, 20 each exercise (+5 if you’re the first 5 people there):
1) blast off push ups, monkey humpers, sumo squats, and lunge + kick.
2) pit taps, tricep dips, eccentric push ups (slow on the way down, don’t have to push back up), hallelujahs
3) knee repeaters, raggedy anns, american hammers, ankle biters

Then we moseyed over to the hill to do a round of 7s.  Star jumps and dorothys.   After that cardio burst we headed back to our mats. Started with high side plank with knee down from this position did 15 HC crunches and 15 HC clams.  Then 3 way kicks 10x each way, and some SL RDL holds.  Finished with our plank challenge 1 min, 26sec.  Thanks for joining me!