Warm up : jumping Jacks (15)
Butt kickers (15)
Inchworm (5)
Arm circles –   10 front.   10 backwards

We were under the shelter for a 4 corner challenge

Corner 1: with weights
1- dumbbell squats with shoulder press (15 Hc)
2- plank rows   (10HC)
3- bent over rows (20)

* walking lunges back and forth of shelter

Corner 2: at the picnic table
1- step ups. (10HC)
2- dips.  (15)
3- push ups on table.   (20)
* high knees back and forth of shelter

Corner 3:  no equipment
1- squat jumping jacks or jump squats.    (20)
2- burpees. (15)
3- mountain climbers.   (20. Hc)

* crouching walkers or side shuffle. Back and forth of shelter

Corner 4:  weights
1- Reverse lunge plus bicep curl.  (10HC)
2-shoulder tap plants. (15 HC)
3 – tricep extension.  (15 each arm)
* Run big pickle

On to Abs….

We  lined up in a row and did the frankfurter planks – thanks to Bon Voyage
Each PAX counted to ten while everyone was in regular plank , then turned to left plank with the next PAX counting 10 and so on down the line… since we didn’t have a lot of people – we did a bonus regular plank for 25 count….

Next was choose your favor AB exercise but only the PAX that were under 50🤣

A few stretches were done

Lastly:  Top positive quotes
1- the best is yet to be….”
2-try to be a rainbow in someone’s cloud…
3- do good and good will come to you…
4-a positive mindset brings positive things..
5- when things go wrong,don’t go with them…


Thanks for joining on this grey and stormy night!