Gave disclaimer

Warmup- good mornings, toy soldiers, phelps, high knees, butt kickers

The thang: Ran out of the park to the neighborhood top of the hill.  There is a loop down the hill and back up that is 1/2 mile.  We started running and stopped at 3 locations on the loop.

First loop at our stops:

1 half burpee then 2 monkey humpers

2 half burpees then 4 monkey humpers

3 half burpees then 6 monkey humpers

4 half burpees then 8 monkey humpers

5 half burpees then 10 monkey humpers

Next exercise:

1 pushup then 2 HC shoulder taps

work up to 5 to 10 like above

Completed these exercises at 3 stops.

At the start of the next loop our exercises were:

1 plank tuck then 2 plank jacks- work up to 5 to 10

1 HC sparky crab then 2 tricep dips- work up to 5 to 10

Once we finished our loop we ran back to the park.

Abs: 1 heels to heaven to 2 LBCs worked up to 5 to 10/ 1 full sit up to HC 2 American hammers worked up to 5 to 10


Thanks for joining me ladies!