Warm up

Head Rolls, Good Mornings, Toy soldiers, Scoops, High knees, Buttkickers, Open the Gate, Close the gate, NUR, Karaoke left lead, Karaoke right lead  

Ladder Workout

Ascending ladder where you add an exercise each time. Perform exercise #1, run for 60 seconds, perform exercise #1 and #2, run for 60 seconds, and so on up to exercise #4 then do a descending ladder by performing exercise #3, #2, #1, run, and so on down to exercise #1.

Ladder 1 Exercises:

  1. 5 plank jacks
  2. 10 imperial walkers (HC)
  3. 15 squats
  4. 20 calf raises

Completed a second Ladder using same format as above but instead of running, we would do 50(EC) Mountain Climbers or Skaters (PAX choice)

Ladder 2 Exercises:

  1. 5 bicep curls
  2. 10 Fire Hydrants per leg
  3. 15 Tricep Extensions
  4. 20 Step Ups (EC)

Finished up with Abs 50 seconds each

Glute Bridges


Dead Bugs

Ankle biters

Big girl sit-ups