I turn 33 today so today’s workout was themed around 33, along with the date – 10/5.  This was my first BYOB Q and I felt extra welcomed and was so excited by the great turnout!
We started with the disclaimer and then jumped into the warm up – 10 good mornings, 5 hip circles each way (this is when Helium & Zeppelin started to think I was going to make everyone dance!), 10 arm circles backwards & forwards, 5 neck circles each way, 10 side lunge with pulse on each side, and 10 good morning position with arms out front then bring elbows back squeezing shoulder blades together
We had a (mostly) boy-band filled playlist including Backstreet Boys, Jonas Brothers, The Click Five, All-American Rejects, Justin Bieber, and many more 🙂
The workout was straight sets – 3 x 33 seconds (12 seconds rest between rounds) for each exercise, then 33 second break.  In total, it’s 33 rounds!
1) lateral band walk 3 steps + squat jump
2) drunk mountain climbers
3) glute bridge with band around thighs + knees out at top of bridge
4) X jumps/diamond jumps
5) push up with band around ankles + leg lift (alternating sides)
6) Heismans or skaters (Wilson had excellent heismans – her ‘stiff arm’ was strong!!)
7) put band around wrists behind back – lift arms up and out (tricep burner)
8) burpees
9) curtsy lunge + regular lunge – alternating (left leg back)
10) curtsy lunge + regular lunge – alternating (right leg back)
11) boy bands (criss cross x2 + 2 jumping jacks)
Then we moved into a series of ab exercises – 10 total rounds of 5 different moves (each move 2x), 33 seconds each, 12 sec rest in between
1)  bicycles (4 fast, 2 slow)
2) hollow body hold
3) boat to canoe
4) plank pike reach (alternating ankles)
5) low plank saw (shift forward & back)
COT (from a footer in my gratitude journal) – Happiness cannot be traveled to, owned, earned, worn or consumed.  Happiness is the spiritual experience of living every minute with love, grace & gratitude.
Thank you all for joining me – and making me feel extra special on my birthday!  🙂