Disclaimer/Warm up: Dynamic warm up around the pickle – inchworm (start in push up position, walk feet to hands, then walk hands out, repeat), walking toy soldiers, butt kickers, high knees, walking lunges, hip openers, arm circles forward/backward, mosey the rest of the way 

The Thang:

BlackJack: Starting at one curb, complete 11 kettlebell swings, bear crawl to opposite side of parking lot, complete 10 burpees, lunge walk back. Continue ascending kettlebell swings and descending burpees until we get to 20 kettlebell swings/1burpee

(Total: 55 burpees/155 kettlebell swings)


Standing Abs: 

1 min sets


Knee driver R Woodchops R Core Stabilizer (hold weight out front, bend arms if needed, rotate side to side)
Knee driver L Woodchops L  Dumbbell Side Bend (30 sec ea side)
Figure 8’s Around the World (overhead circles) L Around the World (overhead circles) R
Overhead Pendulum Weighted Hillbilly L Weighted Hillbilly R


COT & Name O Rama 

“Today, I want you to think about all you are instead of all you are not”