All respect Pax today!

Disclaimer & Warm up

Good mornings arm circles, phelps, butt kickers, high knees, hip openers

Song: 24K Magic

Complete  Slurpee (burpee w/ 2 push ups) + 5 JJ – repeat for song duration 3 minutes 45 seconds

The  Thang: Gimme 5


5 Push ups

10 Palms up Wide serve R then L, 2 criss cross = 1

15 L SA Arnold – holding weights hands facing inward, at nose level, lift and rotate, then R

20 Row + Alternating forward press (EC)

25 Dually Overhead Press (both weights on one side shoulder height, lift up and over to 

other shoulder HC)

30 Tricep Dips   

 Lap around and up stairs 


5 R Side Plank Crunch, then L

10 Box cutters 


20 opposite Elbow to opposite Knee/opposite Finger to to opposite Toe (same side) = 1   10 R then 10 L 

25 Flutter Kicks HC

30 American Hammers HC

 Lap around & up stairs


5 Rocket Squat (3 count down to deep squat, on 4 jump up = 1)

10 Raggedy Anns HC

15 Jump Squats

20 Squat Pulses

25 Monkey Humpers

30 Bear Hold in/outs EC

Lap around & up stairs

We had time to run one more lap and then walked a bit on the greenway.
Forgot to read my COT, so here it is:

The best spiritual defense is a good offense. If we fill our workplace with words of affirmation, there is less room for a critical spirit. If we fill our hearts with hope, our mouths speak words of encouragement. If we fill our minds with truth, there is less room for believing lies. What is it you’re filling up with?