We kicked off 2023 at Book Drop this morning (with a little ode to Michael Jordan – #23!)
Many pax did a pre-run, then at 6 am we grabbed our mats and moseyed to the breezeway and I shared the disclaimer.
We circled up for warm up of inchworm walkouts + world’s greatest stretch, good mornings, hip swings (forward/back and side to side), and goal post arms.  As an extension of our warm up, we did what I called a “Ring of Fireworks” -All pax do Raggedy Anns and go around the circle each doing 1 star jump and counting each time.  Once we get to 23, everyone does a burpee.  We did 4 rounds and all felt warmed up!
To celebrate the beginning of 2023, we did 23 reps each of the following exercises:
  1. jump squat
  2. Carolina dry dock
  3. broad jump then 3 jumping jacks back
  4. “Knee drivers” – left leg (lay on right side and put left knee on mat in front of the body, then extend left leg to kick flexed left foot diagonally towards sky)… we all agreed these were a real glute burner!!
  5. plank jacks
  6. “Knee drivers” – right leg (same as #4 but opposite leg)
  7. tricep dips
  8. jump shots (reverse lunge and touch ground, then drive knee back knee up and make a “jump shot” with arm) – right side (a little ode to Michael Jordan!)
  9. jump shots – left side
  10. superman, then arms back to goal post position and back out then down

Then, we ran a “lap” (up the ramp one level and back down the stairs)

Then we did a little bit of abs/a few reps of one of my challenge/focus moves I’m working on improving in 2023 –
  1. 20 reps – oblique crunch R side (LBC but with knees pointed to the left side)
  2. 3 turkish get ups with R arm up – one of my 2023 goals is to get better at these!
  3. 20 reps – oblique crunch L side
  4. 3 turkish get up L arm up
We had time then to repeat the 23 rep series and the abs/turkish get ups series, taking a quick break for a photo and to name our FNG – welcome Pebbles!
With a few minutes left, we all practiced another move I’ve made a goal to get better at in 2023 – bird dogs while balancing only on your base knee (rather than having your knee, shin and foot on the ground).  We did 5 reps on each side and all agreed it was plenty challenging!
COT – “Focus on an ocean of positives, not a puddle of negatives.”
We ended with name-o-rama.
Thanks for joining me – and indulging me to practice a few of my 2023 focus moves!  🙂