Disclaimer/Warm up:

Good mornings, toy soldiers, windmills, jog around the pickle

The Thang:

Today is all about 2’s (2/2/22):

22 exercises for 22 minutes (30 sec cardio followed by 30 sec strength x 2). Q did not customize the timer so all the exercises were labeled Exercise 1 🙂 

  1. Burpees
  2. Lateral pull downs
  3. Plank Jacks
  4. Tricep pulls L
  5. Mountain Climbers
  6. Tricep pulls R
  7. JJ
  8. Squats 
  9. High Knees
  10. Lateral leg lift L (loop around ankle)
  11. Jump Squats
  12. Lateral leg lift R (loop around ankle)
  13. Knee Repeater L
  14. Step backs w/ band around ankles, knees bent tap foot back
  15. Knee Repeater R
  16. Open the book Elbows by side @90 degrees, pull wrists away/small movement
  17. Star Jumps
  18. Party Tray (loop around wrists, lift arms upward, open/close, lower)
  19. Froggers
  20. Touchdown (loop around wrists, palms facing in holding tension, raise/lower)
  21. Bobby Hurleys
  22. Heels to Heaven Split (loop round ankles, raise legs/butt off ground, lower legs, open/close, repeat 

We made it thru round 1 and moved on to two rounds each of Abs and Glutes.  Rinse and repeated 22 exercises starting w/ the last one and moving our way back down to start. We were able to complete all but the last two exercises in round 2!

Abs: 22 seconds of ea; repeat 2 times



Flutter kicks

Ankle biters 

Drunken Mtn Climbers 


Glutes 22 seconds of ea; repeat 2 times

Fire Hydrants L

Rainbows L

Side kick L

Fire Hydrants R

Rainbows R

Side kick R

COT: Can’t clean up the whole room? Clean a corner.  Can’t do all the dishes? Do a dish. Can’t get in the shower?  Wash your face.  

Always look for the thing you CAN do, with the energy and focus you DO have. 

Little wins pave the way for bigger wins. 1% beats 0% every day.