Alll I have to say is “Thank YOU!!”  We don’t hear it or say it enough.  

Warm Up
Good Mornings (10 IC), Toy Soldiers (10 IC), Jacks (lost count.. no surprise), butt kickers, Hip openers (5 each side each direction), Arm Circles

The Thang
Travelling 20 for 20: We jogged down Dry, right on Harrison, right on Chatham, right on Academy and back to the parking deck.  Every so often we stopped for 2 exercises 20 counts each
1. Mtn Climbers (HC)
2. Squats
3. Push Ups
4. Peter Parkers
5. Squat Jumps
6. Tricep Dips
7. Side Planks (10 count each side)
8. Plank with leg lift (alternate for 20)
9. Lunges Left
10. Lunges Right
11. Burpees
12. Carolina Dry Docks
13.  American Hammers
14. Plank Jacks
15. Sumo Squats
16. Oil Rigs
17. Leg Lifts
18. Chase the Rabbit
19. Staggered Push up (10 each side)
20. Star Jumps

Mary V-sit, to lay down, to v sit and then legs out. (10 was plenty).  Also did 5 Macarena Planks