After deciding we were safe from the storms under the shelter, I did the disclaimer and we got to work! With some good music of course!

Warm up

Arm circles, phelps, jumping jacks, good mornings, 20 windmills, 10 squats with hip circles, 10 inchworms into a pushup,  30 sec plank hold with hip dips

The Thang

2 minute intervals of HIIT exercises:  Repeating the exercise for the whole 2 minutes with approximately 30 sec-1 min rest in between

  1. 10 plank up downs, 10 squat jumps
  2. 10 high knees, 10 squat toe touch
  3. inchworm into push up
  4. 10 skaters, 5 burpees
  5. 20 lunge jumps, 20 bicycle crunches
  6. quick feet
  7. 10 V-ups, 10 Sit ups
  8. 10 hershey kiss push ups, 10 downward dog push ups
  9. Side to side bear crawls

Magic 8 Ball Game

Everyone got in a circle, holding a squat. We tossed a “magic 8 ball” around and when someone dropped it, we did the exercises it told us. Each round we took a few steps back to make it more interesting. We ended up doing a lot of russian twists, lunges and even landed on a water break.  We ran out of time just in time for the weather to run us out!

Finished out with a quick Name – O – Rama while a good southern thunderstorm kicked up. Thanks for sticking it out with me ladies!