The Thang: First exercise for 30 sec; second exercise for 60 sec; followed by 10 push-ups with a 45 sec timer to complete

30 sec                            60 sec

1. Squats            Reverse lunge

2.Burpee             Bicep curls

3. Renegade row     Glute Press (switch at 30”)

4.  American Hammer     Dead bug

5. Mountain climber      Plank

6. Skater             Side lunge with Kick

7. Dead lift         Calf raises

Then we ran a small lap

Repeated the whole routine from #7 down to #1

COT = Trials are beautiful

”I am strong because I had to be;

I am smarter because of my mistakes;

I am happier because I have overcome the sadness I have known; and

I am wiser because I have learned from my life.”