Disclaimer/Warm Up: Good mornings, runners stretch, arm circles, 6 Jumping Jacks per Pax – going around circle everyone gets a chance to count

The Thang:

*1 min burpees

Mosey to area behind BeeSweet and complete *7’s:

Push ups / Dips

Mosey to the traffic circle, pausing to bear crawl around, then on to Lidl parking lot

For the next round of *7’s: Squats/monkey humpers

Mosey back to traffic circle, pausing to crabwalk around before heading back to area behind BeeSweet

*6 Using the light poles:

Start: 1 star jump run to 

Sign: 7 blast off push ups run to 

3rd pole: 7 curb squats run to

End : 6 carolina dry docks 

Mosey back to start; rinse & repeat for 6 minutes 

Mosey back to park for abs oyo:

17 Heels to Heaven  + 76 LBC’s

COT: Think of your life like a puzzle. The outside edges are quick to solve, neatly put together. It’s the inside that’s messy. The middle. The unknown. It requires us to wait, slow down, to try & fail. We force pieces into places they don’t really belong. Instead, take the pieces you have and get stronger where you can. None of us are built in a day. Strength is steady but slow. It’s earned by showing up. Piece by piece. ~ paraphrased from Joanna Gaines book “The Stories We Tell”

Name O Rama