Warmup: run in place due to rain


the beat down:

do each rep 1 min, rest 30 seconds

do each rep 30 sec, rest 20 sec  REPEAT

First day: Candlestick Burpees (for Christmas decor) (full body) * use bands on ankles & use a mat

Burpee w/a roll back to heels to heaven after plank before jump


Second day: Curtsy Lunge (Clara in the Nutcracker) (legs) *use bands on thighs


Third  day: Diamond push-ups (5 diamond rings) (arms)


Fourth day: Dolly (what Santa might bring on Christmas day) (abs) *use bands on calves & a mat

Lay on back. Hold legs 6 inches above ground. Open and close.


Fifth day:  Christmas Morning Get Ups aka “Turkish” Get up (full body) *use weight & mat

Lay on back. Weight in one hand. Stand up with 2 feet and one hand, weight overhead.


Sixth day: Mistletoe (legs) *use weights or bands

Standing upright, bend over and touch toes. Then stand up again. 


Seventh day: Candy Canes (arms/abs)  *use weight or band

Standing side bend


Eighth day: Star Jacks (for the star the wise men followed) (full body) *use weights or bands

Start balled up & jump open to and “x”. 


Ninth day: Naughty or Nice (arms/abs)

This is a pumping Dolphin motion: Dolphin plank to Dolphin, repeat.


Tenth day: Chestnuts (Arms, Abs, Butts) *use weights

Laying on back with feet on ground, lift hips to sky while doing a chest press.


Eleventh day: Prayer Squats 

Hold a squat with hands in prayer


Twelfth day: Speed Skaters (for ice skating!)