Disclaimer given as we began our warm up in the parking deck. We hung out there in case anyone came rolling in late due to the time change for our first ever Tuesday convergence! We also got lots of messages from Pax saying they couldn’t make it due to illness ☹️.

So, with 9 ladies posting we headed out of the deck to take a tour of the downtown Cary lights! We stopped at 6 locations along Kildaire and Academy Street to marvel at the lights, listen to YHC read parts of the Christmas story and perform our 12 days of Christmas exercises.  Each pax was assigned a number and were responsible for counting out the exercises for us! They were as follows:

12: Jumping jacks

11: narrow squats

10: burpees

9: tricep dips

8: mountain climbers (HC)

7: push ups

6: froggers

5: star jumps

4: jump lunges (HC)

3: Superman YWs

2: Peter Parkers (HC)

1: run!

Once we finished our 6th and final stop we headed to the deck to run the stairs to the top twice. This was extra credit just for Red Wing! And to wrap it all up we circled up for Pax choice abs which included knees to chest, side plank leg lifts, American hammers, heels to heaven, scissors, flutter kicks, oblique crunches, an even harder version of oblique crunches (thanks Bluff!), and LBCs!

Name-a-Rama and quick exit! Thanks for joining me today ladies!

Today is winter solstice. So this verse seemed appropriate for the longest night of the year:

Matthew 4:16

[16] the people dwelling in darkness
have seen a great light,
and for those dwelling in the region and shadow of death,
on them a light has dawned.”

Merry Christmas!

Mary Lou