Gave disclaimer

Warm up & then ran the track 1/2 mile

The thang: Each exercise for 1 minute all w/ weights.  Ran 1/2 the track in the middle to warm up.

Step Jacks w/ weight

Standing deadbug

Sumo squat with hammer curl

Standing elbow to knee each side 1 minute

Sumo squat taking arms around the world


Cross over bicep curl into hammer curl

Standing crunch- arms flap like wings with weights

Deadlift into back row

Snatch into march 1 minute each side

*Ring of Fire*

Hold squat/ 5 monkey humpers

Hold plank/ 5 plank jacks

Hold reverse plank/ 5 sparky crabs

Hold V Up position/ 5 LBCs

Hold bear crawl position/ 5 push ups

Enough time for handstands.  Everyone to the fence once everyone was up in a handstand we counted off 1 by 1 to 5.


Thanks for joining me!