Gave Disclaimer

Warm up

The Thang: 4 corners with a middle

4 corners first time around complete 20 reps of each exercise, next time 15, then 10, 5

On the long sides while traveling from corner to corner we lunge walked one side and bear crawled the other.

On the short sides we went from corner to middle.  Two party cups set up.  Green cup and Red cup both had exercises in to be pulled out and completed.  Red cup was more challenging. Complete one exercise from the cup and then move back to the next corner.

1st corner exercises: Full sit up/ Superman/ V- sit up

2nd corner: Curtsy lunges/ Tricep dips/ Hold plank 60sec

3rd corner: Push ups/ Carolina dry docks/ Sparky Crab

4th corner: Weights- Snatches/ Sumo Squats/ Bicep curl to overhead press

Green cup exercises:

50 Hallelujahs/ 25 HC imperial walkers/ run pickle/ 50 plank jacks/ 50 mountain climbers/ 25 monkey humpers/ 50 jump rope/ 20 Dorothy jumps/ 50 jumping jacks

Red cup exercises:

10 broad jumps/ 30 HC jump lunges/ 30 jump squats/ 10 HC plank skaters/ 10 ugly burpees/ sprint pickle/ 10 princess burpees/ 10 regular burpees/ 25 HC hillbillies

Thanks for joining me ladies!