Tiny Boots welcomed everyone and gave the disclaimer

Warm up – Peachtree

10’s with Monkey Humpers and Smurf Jacks

The Thang:
We moseyed to the big parking lot for Pain Train – Mary Lou



Power Skips

Tricep Dips



Bear Crawl

Raggedy Anns

Lunge Walk


Butt Kicks

Fire Hydrants

Nur (run backwards)

Star Jumps

Side Shuffle Right

Dead Bugs

Side Shuffle Left

Ankle Biters

High Knees

Peter Parkers


Sparky Crab

To Mary Lou’s disappointment we didn’t have time for the last round w/ sparky crabs/ crab walk!

We moseyed back over to the flag for a friendly game of WAR with the new FIA Deck of Cards! We played a few rounds, completing the exercise on the card of the person who won the round of war.  Tiny Boots gave out 1 card to each Pax to play a game of high/low.  Pax w/ the high card continue to the next round. 4 people  w/ Kings. Draw cards again. To people with 6’s. They draw again- it was Sonoco with the high card and winner of the FiA Deck of Cards!

Tiny Boots led COT

Name O Rama