Gave disclaimer and completed warmup.

Thang- spell Halloween! Each Pax received a halloween word from the Q.  As a group we spelled out the words with 10 reps of each exercise then ran the pickle.

Words we spelled out with exercise: FALL, SPIRIT, HALLOWEEN, WITCH, TRICK, GHOST, ELM ST., CAT

A-Adductor Kick ( Low/Middle/High)       N- narrow squats

B- Burpee                                                      O- ab circles

C- Chest Press                                              P- Push up

D- Dead bug                                         Q- Qs choice

E- elbow plank to straight arm          R- Renegade rows

F-flutter kicks                                               S- Squat pulse (3:1)

G-goblet squat                                     T- Tricep kickbacks

H-hillbillies                                           U- Upright rows

“I”- Imperial walker                                     V- V ups

J- Jumping jacks                                   W-wall sit w/ over head press

K- Kettlebell Swing                                      X- X squats

L- Lunges (3 directions=1)                  Y- superman pose Y to W

M- mountain climbers                        Z- Pax choice

Name-o-rama-Thanks for coming ladies Happy Halloween!

Welcome Scrabble