Gave Disclaimer


The THANG:  60seconds exercise 20 second break.  After 4 exercises two rounds of “Ring of Fire”


Squats with band around thighs & w/ weights if you wanted to

Side shuffle with band around thighs 30second one way 30 seconds back

Donkey kick with band on thigh switch at 30 seconds

Clam shells with band on thigh switch at 30 seconds

Ring of Fire: Hold Plank moving exercise 5 HC shoulder taps/ Next hold squat moving exercise 5 bicep curl and down



Upright Rows

Glute bridge with weight and band

Chest press

Ring of Fire: Hold Bear Crawl moving exercise bear crawl forward 5 steps crawl bear back 5 steps (up and back 5 times)/ Hold V up position moving exercise 5 full sit ups

60 seconds:

Reverse fly

Superman up and down for 60 seconds

Shoulder press

Tricep kickback

Ring of Fire: Hold calf raise moving exercise 5Dorthey Kicks/ Hold Table top position moving exercise 5 HC sparky crab

Ran out of time for the last set.  We had fun and learned new exercises.

Thanks for joining me ladies!