Gave disclaimer

Warm up- Hootie was in charge of

the Thang: 3 Stations/ 3 exercises at each station.  Complete the exercise run the pickle.  20 reps per exercise.

Station 1:

Step-ups x 20  Run

Monkey Humpers x 20 Run

Tricep dips x 20 Run

Station 2:

Plank Jacks x 20 Run

Push ups x 20 Run

Shoulder taps x 20 Run

Station 3: weights

Squat with shoulder press x 20 Run with weights

Deadlift with upright row x 20 Run with weights

Lunge with bicep curl x 20 Run with weights

Back to our mats once all stations completed.

Donkey kicks 25 each leg

Fire hydrant 25 each leg

Side kick/pulse 25 each leg

Rainbow 25 each leg

Bluff had us complete the AB ladder.

Thanks for joining ladies!