Gave disclaimer

Warmup- phelps, arm circles, squats, high knees, butt kickers, good mornings, toy soldiers, side lunge stretch

The Thang- each exercise for a minute then 20 second rest.  After 3 exercises small cardio

Band around thigh- squat with overhead press

Band around thigh- donkey kicks 1 minute each side

Band around thigh- fire hydrants 1 minute each side

30 jumping jacks

Band around thigh clam shells 1 minute each side

Stand up remove band and move water.  Arms out move your arms forward small movement 1 min.  Switch move water back 1 minute

30 plank jacks

Move water down, arms out push down small movement 1 minute.  Switch move them up for 1 minute

With weights bicep curls

Tricep kickbacks or skull crushers

30 jumping jacks



Deadlift with band around thigh and weights

30 plank jacks

Weighted american hammers

Full sit ups

Chest press

30 jumping jacks

Now move to ring of fire.

On your mat hold legs a couple inches off the ground.  Moving exercise 5 scissor kicks

Hold plank moving exercise 3 push ups

Hold squat moving exercise 5 hill Billie’s

Thanks for joining me!