Disclaimer and Warmup – jumping jacks, skips, lunge walk with twist, walking butt kickers and high knees, inchworms,

Head over to the stage

We did 15 Eccentric (slow 4 count down, quick up) exercise, 15 dynamic exercises and then ran the pickle (down the hill, up the stairs)

Lunges – lunge jumps
Dry docks – hallelujahs
SL RDL – skip hops HC
Dips – cross jacks with row
Squats – jump squats
Ecc Push ups – plyo pushups
Calf raises – bunny hops
Bridges – mountain climbers HC

Mosey back to the garage for a couple of mat exercises

3 Rounds of
10 push up plus
10 prone W-Y
finish with a couple side planks and a quick Name-O-Rama!