Gave disclaimer

Warm up- Good mornings, toy soldiers, phelps, arm circles, high knees, butt kickers

The Thang: 8 exercises for 10 rep each (HC) break 1 minute repeat 4 times

1- Side lunge with weight

2- Step ups

3- Squat with weights to shoulder press then march (high knees)

4- Push ups

5- Bent over row 1 count down slow 4 count pull weight back up

6- Deadlifts

7- Hold bridge move weight from over head to knees straight arms

8- Burpee

ABS- 25 LBCs, 25 Leg lifts, 25 Full sit ups,

Ring of fire:

Hold reverse plank/ 10 American Hammers

Hillbillies/ 10 Imperial walkers

Thanks for joining me ladies on this cold rainy morning!